Saturday, January 31, 2009

*Broozer bumps his own blog, along with an update!

Hello, everyone! I finally decided to bump this blog, after about time, along with an update, from yours truly. B)

Well... some of you might know a little of Super Mario World Hacking Contests (SMHC), a board that was created by Yoshiro. As the name suggests, this board was mainly created for several SMW Hacking contests - the first contest to be announced was the Grassland Contest, which the contestants had to create an enjoyable grassy level - I mean, the level should'd had a good level design (obviously), and it also could have custom stuff within it, so that it turned out even better. As soon as I heard of this contest and the actual board itself, I decided to join the contest, and eventually, I got done with my contest entry, whose the name is Joybush Road. It seems like that spending all day working on this level until 1:00 A.M. resulted on something! Yep, that's it - this level ended up in first place, along with X-King's level - so it was technically a tie.

Here's a video that shows off everything from the level, which I recorded and uploaded to YouTube - yeah, you are probably guessing that I liked so much how my level turned out that I decided to record a video of it - and YOU'RE RIGHT, BUDDY! I love how this level turned out, although as the judges on SMWHC mentioned, the time limit is rather short.

Anyway, here's the video. Enjoy watching!

Oh... and how could I forget of the download link itself? Yep, that's it - feel free to check out the level yourselves, by just clicking on this link!

Have fun, and until the next update, see ya!


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  1. Awesome! I really enjoyed that level, Broozer. Although yeah, the time limit was short, but it was fun and worth playing again and again =)

    Keep up the awesome work ;)