Monday, January 26, 2009

Blog Opened

Hello there! I decided to follow a small "fad" on SMW Central, and I went ahead and created a blog as well. SMW Central is a SMW Hacking site, as the name suggests, and SMW stands for Super Mario World, which is a game for the SNES people can modify nowadays, by using a level editor for that game called Lunar Magic.

Speaking of that, if you are interested on hacking SMW, you need to download Lunar Magic (which you can find here), a clean SMW ROM (google it) and a SNES emulator - I like using ZSNES to test out the small modifications I do on my hack, you can find it here. As far as I know, SMW is the video game you can most modify by using a level editor - you can insert custom graphics, custom blocks, custom sprites and even custom music in your hack! I guess that's why I like hacking SMW so much - you can basically create a brand new game by using SMW as a base, if you want.

Well, now you might've gotten why I created this blog - I want to show off most of my SMW hacking related stuff in this blog, such as my custom graphics, my levels, and stuff from my main SMW hack. So yeah, the blog is finally "opened" - I guess I'll be able to show some nice stuff up to tomorrow, so stay tuned! Until then, see ya!



  1. Hey Broozer! Nice to see you have a blog as well. :P I'm going to follow this one.
    Also, I suggest you change the blog language to English, since I don't think many people understand Portuguese. ;)

  2. Heh, I decided to jump onto the band wagon and I created a blog too. Also, thanks for following. :3

    Oh, and as for the blog language, I thought it only affected me, heh. I'll change its language right now, since I realized that it does affect other people as well, when they visit my blog. Thanks or letting me know that. ;)