Thursday, June 25, 2009

Small (Graphical) Update

Hello, everyone! Lately, I've been focusing on working towards SMGP more than usual, and aside from progressing on level design only and stuff, I decided I would finally redraw some sprite graphics that weren't matching nicely with most of the custom graphics the hack features - some examples of such sprite graphics are the following:

(From left to right: redrawn Sidestepper [popularly known as the "Crab" from Mario Bros.], redrawn Batadon [from Super Mario Land] and redrawn Nyololin [from Super Mario Land, too].)

Something actually big that you can easily notice upon looking at the first screenshot particularly is that I managed to redraw the ocean background ONCE AGAIN, and in my opinion, it's looking MUCH BETTER now. Don't worry about myself redrawing it constantly, though, as I SWEAR this is going to be its last update until quite some time...

Also, if you are interested in how the overworld for the hack will probably look like, check this out. Please keep in mind that this is unfinished, as well as I ought to change some few things on the current overworld later on.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Hey, folks! It's been a while since the last update we had, eh...? I must admit that it was all MY fault, guys - I completely forgot to show you guys some of my newest stuff via updating this blog! In fact, I had completely forgotten that this blog even EXISTED! XD

Uh, well, let's get on topic, though: as I just mentioned, I have done quite some nice stuff since the last update we had...

...FIRST OFF, I would like to proudly present to you all the trailer of my main project, named Super Mario's Golden Paradise, as y'all know:

This trailer was showed off at SMWC3, which is some sort of creativity convention we occasionaly have at SMWCentral. Fun fact: I actually earned plenty of awards because of THIS trailer, which took me about THREE days to get done! 6 trophies to be exact! Likewise, I was quite surprised when I realized that I had earned this many for something which I initially had thought that would come out HORRIBLE. XP

Secondly, here goes a few screenshots of a side-hack of mine, named Delivery. This hack is a tad little different from the other SMW hacks around... guess why? Simply because it features a different theme from the other SMW hacks we have around... yes, that's it, it has a winter theme with it! A Christmas theme, to be more precise!

Aside from that, the concept for this hack is a little different from the concept of the other SMW hacks generally - instead of needing to cut the Goal Tape in order to beat the level completely, in this hack the player requires to find FOUR presents hidden along the levels to eventually beat 'em. With that said, you may have come up to the conclusion that this hack features a great ammount of puzzles within its levels, huh? If so, you are absolutely right - I've been trying to focus on scattering quite some puzzles around the levels of this hack, and progress is going pretty well so far. :D

So, since I have already explained pretty much everything about the hack's general structure and stuff, let's go onto the screens themselves!

Third, here go a few misc. screenshots of Golden Paradise - please keep in mind, though, that most of these screenshots are kinda outdated, eh:

Lastly, here goes my first (succesful) attempt at music porting, in case you are interested: Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge - "Breegull Beach". Personally, I reckon it would go well in plenty of different areas, especially in beach/tropical levels.

This concludes this somewhat epic bump I just made in my own blog! :O Please leave some feedback, because I'm now bound to get some! XD