Thursday, February 12, 2009

SMGP Stuff + WIP Broozer Graphics

Hello, everyone! It has been a while since the last update was put on this blog, hasn't it? Well, to start off, here are two new screenshots from Super Mario's Golden Paradise (SMGP):

The first screenshot was taken from the level I'm currently working on - Bramble Labyrinth. If anyone has a better suggestion for the level's name, please let me know, since I'm not really happy with the name I took from my mind. ;)

The second screenshot is from a new feature I'm implementing into my hack... the FOEPEDIA! The Foepedia is basically, as the name stats, a foe encyclopedia. The Foepedia can be accessible in a library-like level named Toadstool Library - it works exactly like that: once you beat the castle of a certain world, all of the enemies found in that world are put into the Foepedia, and then you're able to find out more about them, by looking on their information fields. I actually took this idea from the "Super Princess Peach" game, for the Nintendo DS - my sister has got this game, and there's a sort of glossary included within it - in fact, I found it rather interesting, and I decided to implement something similar into my hack. :P

Also, here's a last thing to go within this update...

...that's right - that's me, in a 16-bit form! I made those graphics one day or two ago - I had the idea of making a hack related to SMWCentral, all of a sudden - I don't know if I'll actually work on it, though. Perhaps I may try doing such a thing... perhaps not. D:

Anyhoo, feel free to comment about everything I posted! And until the next update, see ya!



  1. The Bramble BG GFX look a bit empty...

    But the 16-bit-Broozer Graphics look nice ;)

  2. Thanks for the comment, RealLink! And yeah, the bramble GFX are sorta empty at the moment, as I still didn't finish them - don't worry, though, they're still going to be finished. ;)

  3. You haven't forgotten about this blog, have you......?

  4. Não manko muito de inglês, mas só posso te dizer que até então estou achando sua Hacj fantástica pelos vídeos e ScreenShots!

    Continue com esse grande projeto ae e Parabéns!

  5. Those images... are yo planning to put some kind of "pokedex" in the game??? That's an interesting idea. I wanna write bout your hack on my blog... Do you have any download link??->Can't wait to try your demo... if there is anyone.