Thursday, June 25, 2009

Small (Graphical) Update

Hello, everyone! Lately, I've been focusing on working towards SMGP more than usual, and aside from progressing on level design only and stuff, I decided I would finally redraw some sprite graphics that weren't matching nicely with most of the custom graphics the hack features - some examples of such sprite graphics are the following:

(From left to right: redrawn Sidestepper [popularly known as the "Crab" from Mario Bros.], redrawn Batadon [from Super Mario Land] and redrawn Nyololin [from Super Mario Land, too].)

Something actually big that you can easily notice upon looking at the first screenshot particularly is that I managed to redraw the ocean background ONCE AGAIN, and in my opinion, it's looking MUCH BETTER now. Don't worry about myself redrawing it constantly, though, as I SWEAR this is going to be its last update until quite some time...

Also, if you are interested in how the overworld for the hack will probably look like, check this out. Please keep in mind that this is unfinished, as well as I ought to change some few things on the current overworld later on.


  1. This looks amazing Broozer! I'm sure, you're one of the best SMW graphics artists ever. The redrawn Batadon is funny, and the whole hack has a nice graphical style, what gives us a very good mood. Nice work!

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